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We all had a bad experience or know a person who had a bad experience during his home construction or home improvement project. There has been a cost overrun, quality issues, time delays and ineffective communication with the contractor or suppliers and a lot more that you had to manage during the project and must have always wondered is there an easier way to do it with guaranteed quality, timely completion and within budget without you sending time managing the project.


Common Issues Faced:


Identification of the contractor: The most common approach in the current situation is to look up online or google the best contractors in your city but 80% of the contractors are not online yet and are not tech-savvy. Or you can reach out to your friends and family network for referrals. Choosing the right contractor or execution agency is the most important part of the project. Most of us make the mistake of trusting referral and it is not the best way to get the most optimum design and best price to service value. You may agree for some price and end up with a 10-20% higher cost in the end.


Project Approvals: Before you build your dream home, you must get approvals from Municipal Administration, Electricity Department, Water Works, Fire, etc. The homeowners are not well versed with the approval process and many a time they are taken or a ride to get these approvals, they spend a lot of time, money, and energy in following up for these approvals. The standards, information and the time is taken for approvals also is not transparent.


Make Home More Sustainable: How green is your home or the materials used to build your home? There are ways by which you can reduce the carbon footprint and environmental pollution caused during construction and post-construction by using environmentally friendly materials during construction, these should be considered during the design phase. You can plan to reduce the electricity usage, water usage of the home by a few design changes, and use of equipment that payback by themselves. There is very little information available online or with architects and contractors regarding the materials and equipment available for homes so it doesn’t get the importance during the home planning phase. Your home can be resource-efficient when


Choosing the right design: Different architects have different approaches to a design and this means it is better to see a couple of design iterations before you finalise the design for your project. The more you can see or chose from the better and it has to be tailored to your needs and it is your dream home so you need to take care of every detail and it helps to have an architect who can give you a patient hearing and provide you with the best designs which can replicate your thought process.


Choosing the right materials: There is no one-stop-shop where you can shop all the materials required for your project and get expert insights into why you need to choose one material over the other. The materials affect the quality of the outcome and the overall strength, lifetime and look of the home. Logistics and timely delivery of the materials is as important as the right material. You must choose a partner who can deliver the right material at the right time.



Cost Overrun: The major reason for cost overrun is ineffective communication of the scope of work, time delays due to improper planning and execution. Quality issues also add up to the time taken to rework on them. The solution to this problem is clear communication of the deliverables and expected quality and sticking to the committed timelines.


Time Delays: 90% of the home construction and renovation projects taken more time than committed due to improper scheduling and project management. There will be delays in supply and labor shortages, etc so we need to plan ahead and be nimble to handle these issues by planning to have good supply chain partners who stick to their deadlines and we can stick to our project deadline. We need to schedule the project before the start and add buffers at each stage to and run parallel tasks to reduce the financial interest loss during construction time and raise and resolve red flags immediately.


Quality Issues: Not having a quality assurance plan is can hamper the overall quality of the project. Rework done will lead to cost and time overrun and material wastage that go to the dumps and cause environmental pollution.


Ineffective Communication: The major drawback is communication in any project, using inefficient tools to communicate and track the project leads to loss of information and in turn ineffective communication between different stakeholders. You need to coordinate with different stakeholders during the project.


Homes@AmplifyInfra is a unique solution where we manage the entire project for you including the project management and supply chain management and guarantee firm commitments on cost, time and quality of the home construction or home improvement projects. We keep an effective open channel and  single window communication to be clear on the work process and the commitments. We help you build a sustainable home!

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